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Old 09-05-2015, 09:54 AM
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Default rb25det advice needed.

Hey guys, first off I feel like a tool being the last guy to post up in general but here I go again.
I've had my eye on doing a rb25det swap for a while and have spent a lot of time looking into it but I can't seem to find a couple solid answers on old forum threads.
what I'm looking at doing is a rb25det series 2, picking one up from jersey and tearing it down and going through it, I want to have 350-400whp at the end.

first is the motor mounts, I was looking at either mckinney or zero lift?
so if I use zero lift I can use nismo sr20det mounts for motor and tranny?? and then a driveshaft shop shaft?
but with mckinney I need to use their drive shaft? and use a stock tranny mount?
is this right and which is better?

next is cooling, from what I gather is that if I run the radiator in stock spot I need pusher fans, but feed back is that they suck? is it better to look at notching the radiator support and run a stock clutch fan/shroud set up?

speed sensor needs a wheel from a ka or sr sensor?

and I have a sohc cluster right now, if I want the tac to work i need a dohc cluster?

should I try to make the stock wiring harness work or get a wiring specialties harness?

Can I run the stock ecu with nistune? or do I need to run a stand alone?

what front sway bar will clear the oil pan with a nismo brace?

I was also planing on running q45 front brakes with 5 lug stock rears, all with hawk hps pads. is this enough stopping power? I dont have abs and fear locking up the wheels if I run a full 300zx brake set up.

for power steering do I need a dohc line set up?

throttle cable dohc or sohc?

If I upgrade the intake manifold and run a bigger MAF, which one should I be looking at? q45? 300zx? or the stock rb25?

And last, are there any trouble areas I should be inspecting when I go to pick out the motor/tranny?

Sorry about all the questions, its the little things that are bugging me.
any advice/feed back is always appreciated, thanks.
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Old 09-08-2015, 12:38 PM
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Default Re: rb25det advice needed.

Sent you a pm with my cell #. I can answer all of these, plus i have some parts you could use in your swap.
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