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Old 05-03-2015, 03:53 PM
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Default 1jzgte vvti etcs-i swap problems

Hey everyone!

Dunno if you guys can help out or not but..

Got a real good one here...

Have a 1jzgte vvti out of a jzx171/jzs161 either way same motor/ecu. This motor has a single butterfly etcs-i setup (unlike the early dual butterflys) and is a 5 plug setup.

Motor is in an s14 chassis (which is in theory irrelevant)

Using wilbo666's diagrams/pinouts we have successfully got power and ground to ecu and can get the motor to fire but runs like absolute trash. Zero throttle response at all unless you engage the last 20% of the throttle plate which is manual control for limp mode.

this throttle body has two TPS sensors. One is attached the the throttle cable, referred to as the accelerator pedal position sensor. This is essentially the "desired" throttle position. That relays voltages back to the ecu which then sends voltage to the throttle motor which opens the plate. there is a second TPS which reads the "actual" throttle position after the ecu opens the plate. this is what controls regular throttle use, idle and if applicable, traction control.

Both TPS's have their 5v reference signal, ground and are both pumping out correct voltages to the ecu. The ecu however is NOT sending voltage back hto the motor to open the plate.

We can not for the life of us figure out why.. continuity is good on all wires to the ecu.

It seems like its in a limp mode.

SOOOO we pulled codes off it. For whatever reason i could not get my snap on scan tool to communicate with the ecu. thinking its JODB protocol conflicting with obdII.. not really sure. so we went old school, jumped the diagnostic pins and wired in a MIL light.
Tons of codes. assuming lots of them are for the auto transmission that is no longer there but cant seem to find a list of the codes. Codes read as follows: 24 31 39 41 46 62 63 65 68 75 76 77

Looking for any insight, brainstorming, easy answers.. anything.. HALPPPPPPP
Thanks guys
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Old 05-24-2015, 09:07 AM
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Default Re: 1jzgte vvti etcs-i swap problems

Are you sure that the ecu needs to output voltage to control the throttle motor?

I'm thinking it's more likely that you need a voltage supply to the throttle motor (12 or 5v?) and that the ecu control comes in the form of pulsewidth ground switching. I wouldn't be surprised if the throttle motor is a 2 wire connection, and only 1 of them goes back to the ecu (ground switching side), and the other needs to be fed by external (to ecu anyways) voltage. Think IACV on nissans.


The video in the link above says a couple of keywords that hint at that

Not sure if you're checking 240sxone frequently, I'll probably follow this up with a text later on

post the wiring diagrams you've been following
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