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Old 01-25-2015, 09:43 PM
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Default ac lines and unit

when I pulled the motor some time ago I guess I wasn't gonna hook the ac back up which is ok

and now that time has passed how do I plug the holes in the firewall or do I have to take the dash apart and take the rest out ??
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Old 01-28-2015, 02:16 PM
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Default Re: ac lines and unit

You can probably either buy those rubber inserts you see in the trunk or other spots in the firewall, or use aluminum tape.
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Old 03-31-2015, 03:52 PM
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Default Re: ac lines and unit

The lines at the firewall go to a radiator type thing that's in a box under the glove box. remove box, take out the lines and radiator thing, tape hole in box where lines went or air won't get pushed as hard through the system. I used the firewall hole to run my battery relocation cable...
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