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Old 08-01-2017, 08:32 PM
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Default S14 Kouki SR20DET + 97 240SX + 95 240SX

Hi Everyone,

Edit again - $3,000 for everything (except the bike..)

Kicking this back off, updated this post with engine and car details. PM me for more details on anything and pics of the cars will be up soon. Better to see the cars in person if you're interested though.

Parting out my SR swap, it's a S14 SR20DET (KOUKI) with the NA code ECU. MAF is:
22680 69F01

Parts sold off the engine:
cam oil squirters and associated bolts
turbo + lines
sensors off the transmission

Parting out my SR swap, it's a S14 SR20DET (KOUKI) with the NA code ECU. MAF is:
22680 69F01

Engine is still assembled so any requests for internal parts will take UP TO a week to remove. External parts can be removed in a day or two.
Please send me a PM or reply here for more information on parts.

S14 Kouki SR20DET (all parts for sale, no shipping block/crank/head) make offers for any parts
transmission $150 picked up
ECU $150 shipped I have two of these
Wiring Specialties S13 to S14 SR20DET conversion harness $300 shipped
Wiring Specialties S13 to S14 SR20DET transmission harness for auto->manual swap in convertible $100 shipped
Nismo Coppermix $300 shipped

Engine was rebuilt using mostly OEM components. Some ARP hardware thrown in for good measure. Engine has roughly 15 miles on rebuild. Transmission shifts smooth, no issues there.

Engine details:
ARP main studs
ARP head studs
OEM gasket kit
Clevite main and rod bearings
OEM pistons/rods (original)
OEM piston rings (replaced)

The cars, both are project cars and not running, and have both been partially parted out. Goal is to sell them as such to someone who can give them what they need.

1997 240sx, factory LE with sunroof, clean title in hand
Rear end is complete, gas tank, subframe, all arms, etc. Has 5 lug in back
but no brakes
non roller - no wheels for it
No headlights or tail lights
Sunroof glass is gone
Wiring harnesses are gone
front wheel wells are tubbed - needs paint still
very minimal rust. small bits behind the drivers seat area, and in the front
of the rear wheel wells
front end is there minus brakes again, has 5 lug
steering rack is fresh, got a refurbished unit
glass is all intact
missing the side mirror mounts that go in the doors
Denting along the drivers quarter panel - good widebody candidate..

1995 240sx, factory base hardtop, clean title in hand
white and red, i replaced the beat up white panels with some maroon ones
I had. replaced the rad support with one I had that's in good shape.
Rear quarters especially drivers side is dented and has some chipping
along the wheel well, looks like PO had major rubbing issues. Again, good
candidate for widebody
PO was in what looks like low speed left rear accident, probably drifting. As
a result, I cut out the rear most panel (where the trunk latch is) in prep of
making a sort of custom rear panel thing. Still needs work but would be an
easy job for an experienced fabricator
This car is a roller, but no brakes right now
glass is all good

If I don't get any offers for the cars I'll just keep them, but could use the money and space right now.

Also have an 06 Suzuki RMZ250 for sale, engine is basically brand new rebuilt with too expensive parts. Raceline tuned suspension. Can give more info on request - currently down fixing an oil leak.
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