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Old 10-18-2014, 08:39 PM
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Default circuit sports fan controller? any one else running?

any one else running the cs fan controller?
(on a stock sr except for oil catch tank, walbro, stock ecu, and a battery relocation kit, wiring specialties main and trans harness)

here is my issue, car runs fine at idle, until fans kick on, as soon as fans kick on, my charging system drops between 12-12.4 volts. when the fans are off, im running 13.8-14.

they are clearly drawing too much power, but i dont understand how, just want to see if any one else is having the issue, im running no stereo, only other pieces i have power wired to is my gauges
just wondering if i have something wired to the wrong spot, i figured if it was a ground issue, i wouldnt draw as much power (am i wrong? not being able to close the circuit as well with a crappy ground)

any input or ideas to help figure this our would be great.
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