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Old 11-19-2013, 10:10 AM
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Default using relays

Hey guys It's been forever but I have something that isn't making any sense to me so here it goes. As some of you know I have a zenki converted to a kouki.I've rocked it with Hids since I got it and the low beams shut off when you hit the highs. It never bothered me but now I want to change it. So I did me some research and I came across something on ZILVIA. It says to do this.
So get a 30amp 5 pin relay. (repeat for each side)

Pin 30 goes to the low beam projector
Pin 85 goes to the high beam power
Pin 87a goes to the high beam power
Pin 87 goes to the low beam power
Pin 86 to ground

Other thing to consider is that the load on the high beam wiring may be too much to run both sets of lights. in that case connect
pin 87a to the battery (important use a fuse).

Ok that's all good and dandy except I've never done anything like this. My question is this, is there wire splicing involved?, and how many high and low power wires are there? I thought there was only two for each.
Can someone please explain this to me because I am so confused
Pictures would be greatly appreciated.
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