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Old 11-26-2013, 11:12 PM
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Default A/T M/T wiring difference?????

Hey guys...... So I have a 89 s13 that was converted from auto to manual (just finding this out as im putting car back together). And im doing all the wiring over in the car. Cutting and chasing everything that is not needed anymore and getting rid of it. When I took apart I really didnt care to pay attention to what when were cause I have a (89) fms and I was going to do **** differently. Im really not to far into the wiring as of yet but the chassis interior is all stripped the way I want it. Just really want to know if any used a m/t under the hood chassis to a a/t interior side with any problems. Cause I have a entire m/t harness and if I know it was auto.i would have used it from the start. Oh yeah the m/t is from a 91 also. Thanks.

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