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Old 01-07-2010, 11:06 PM
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Default Nismo Engine and Drive Line Part Numbers

S13/S14 Engine:
11210-RS540 Nismo Engine Engine Mount Right (SR/KA)
11220-RS540 Nismo Engine Engine Mount Left (SR/KA)
11320-RS541 Nismo Transmission Mount (SR/KA)
17042-RRS41 Nismo S14 SR20DET Fuel Pump 4.1L/min (294kPa 3.0kg/cm2)
21200-RS520 Nismo Thermostat [Opens at 62C(169F), OE opens at 76.5C(195F)] (SR/KA)
21430-RS012 Nismo Radiator Cap [Rated at 1.3kg/cm(18.2 lbs), OE KA= 0.9kg/cm(12.6 lbs), OE SR= 1.2kg/cm(16.8 lbs)] (SR/KA)
22670-RR580US Nismo Adjustable FPR [10Ka/L/h with a 250m/sec flow rate] (SR/KA)
22670-RR710US Nismo Adjustable FRP [10Ka/L/h with a 250m/sec flow rate] (Universal)
22672-RR710 Nismo FPR Bracket (Universal)

S13/S14 Transmission:
46211-RSS40 Nismo Clutch Line (Stainless Braided) (SR/KA)
30620-RS520 Nismo Clutch Slave Cylinder (SR/KA)
30537-RS540 Nismo Clutch Pivot Ball (SR/KA)
30100-RN225US Nismo Clutch Disc Sprung center and composite lining. (Requires OE throwout bearing)
30210-RS600US Nismo Clutch Cover Pressure: 750kg

S13/S14 Drivetrain:
38420-RS661 Nismo Limited Slip Differential 4-pinion, 70 lb-ft breakaway torque (without ABS Sensor, shorter snout)
38420-RS662 Nismo Limited Slip Differential 4-pinion, 70 lb-ft breakaway torque (with ABS Sensor, longer snout)
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Old 01-08-2010, 12:57 AM
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Default Re: Nismo Engine and Drive Line Part Numbers

nice writeup man...this is great for anybody ordering stuff
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