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Old 03-09-2015, 08:25 AM
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Default Re: rb25det neo

Just saying if you need quick answers this is not the site usually, Not much happens here except the occasional fart about someone's project or a for sale post Lol. Another note you can get all these parts off eBay if you just check seller info and make sure its reputable. Even reputable sellers sell things on eBay, sometimes a few bucks cheaper than their online store.
I saw a posting for the Neo piston rings for $190 far as other stuff, I didn't look.

I ask why rebuild though? For the price of a rebuild even diy in your basement you can just get one shipped to your door. I see em for a grand or less with awd, auto and sometimes no trans.
Honestly cheaper short run imo if your buying oem/legit aftermarket parts. Then you'd always have spare parts laying around. Just my opinion. As far as motor vs standard Rb25 the short list I know is the neo has solid lifters, Rb26 rods, revised crank collar, traction control, cams are different and something with the plenum runners are a bit smaller for better low end, what I read is you can use an Rb25 plenum but the oem fuel rail will need to be modified cause neo uses top feed, and tb needs to be swapped out because of traction control.
I will say there is speculation on what year neo engines saw the 26 rods and some other stuff but from what I read is if you have a late model neo 6 you probably do. Idk how to find that out but good luck. Only reason I know I tiny bit about them is because I almost picked up a awd neo6 5 speed for $1400 at jdm engine world when I lived in N.y for my old cressida lol. I was going to convert the trans to rwd and swap it in my existing Rb20's place but someone beat me there a day early. Good luck !

Edit : I apologize for the jumble and bad grammar, my phone has a mind of its own and once I post every thing looks twice as cluttered for some reason.

It is just the same old boring s***......... An X8 that sits 1" off the ground, with a 1J in it. No 7Ms, no 5Ms, no RB f-ing 20, or weak-suck SR, or gutless 13B. Nothing to cut on too much, although it does have a roof rack.

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Old 03-14-2015, 02:38 PM
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Default Re: rb25det neo

Yea I just wanted to know is there was a difference between the two motors because I didn't want to find out the hard way and I think rebuilding would be cheaper than getting another motor
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