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Old 05-10-2015, 06:25 PM
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Thumbs down NL motoring, terrible.

NLMotoring absolutely horrible.
So i placed an order on NL motoring for some avid wheels they had a $40 off discount on, i found them cheap on other places but since i've been a long time customer of NL motoring i figured i'd support the business, so i went on my laptop to place the order and the 40$ off coupon did not transfer over, so i was charged full price for a simple mistake. i figured no biggie, they should be able to fix that for me.

i contact NL motoring and spoke with the "owner" himself. i explained to him about what had happened and he told me this rather ridiculous excuse "sorry, but once the order has shipped out of our warehouse there's nothing we can do"

i placed the order and literally within an hour not even two hours i had the email saying the order was complete and shipped out that same day. mind you this is strict simple paperwork to observe the coupon i had qualified for but his excuse was that the boxes were already out of his building and i was beat for my $40 he could not honor. who cares about the boxes man..

basically lured in for a discount and was told i was beat for it because the coupon did not transfer over on my cart between computers, even though i was logged into my customer account.

NL motoring is surely never going to see business from me or anyone around these areas. i know this is your "business sponsor" but i feel robbed out of my $40 hard earned money over a simple honest mistake that couldn't be honored by the company owner and was told by himself i had no choice other than to return the boxes, pay for the return fees/shipping so either way i was beat for the money.

good day.

In Japan cars are assets, and in America cars are more like appliances.

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