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Old 04-21-2011, 11:24 PM
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Default We have a policy of NO TEXT FOR PICTURES in classifieds. Learn how to post pics here.

We have a policy of NO TEXT FOR PICTURES in the classified section which is clearly stated in the Announcements

Please follow the rules or your thread will be closed and you will receive an infraction through staff.

This method below is good if you do not have a smartphone that can upload pictures onto the web.

There's been way too much of this activity going on lately and the rules will be enforced due to there being so much more people selling on the classified sections now.

Image text is hard to see on small cell phone screens so it'll be much easier if the image is posted up in the classified ad. Stating "call or text for pics" is just a lazy way out.

Also it'll help you sell your item faster!!!!!

Simple youtube video here shows you how to do it. I've done it many times.

Of course you'd need a texting plan and whatever your provider needs to send an image but if you are posting "text me for pics" then you probably have a texting plan.

This video is not created by me, just a reference. It took me 2 minutes to look this up.


If you need help posting pics, I can help you with that or please PM a staff member.

No one wants to see a boring classified section.

Happy learning if this is new to you and good luck selling your parts.

...She will be missed...

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