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Old 10-25-2014, 07:00 AM
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Default Re: how can i post up my tune?

I rev it to about 6k when I'm driving it /getting on it.

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Old 10-25-2014, 09:06 PM
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Default Re: how can i post up my tune?

Originally Posted by FlatOut View Post
what are you reving it too. 17* timing is seems pretty aggressive on 18 psi for a DE. I could only assume the head design of the E makes it similar. The low compression is going to be one of the factors. 7.8 is really low. Does the wideband actually show the numbers you are commanding?
SOHC's offset spark plug tends to have us run a little more timing than DOHC. I believe SOHCs run ~26-28 degrees at peak torque stock (DOHC is 24 with a centered spark plug?)

That said, that spark map is tuned to only subtract about 0.5 degrees per psi boost which looks aggressive. Additionally, this looks like a pretty general map... not sure what you exactly paid for, but I would expect something that had some dyno time and tuning to have some additional advance after peak torque as daigle is saying, and likely some different advance values in the lower boost regions as well.

Besides it appearing aggressive, timing map looks like a fairly general street tune. That's how my ignition map looks for putting in an advance I know is safe and not spending any time with det cans on and trying to increase timing anywhere, knowing full well that I'm leaving some power on the table after peak torque from not increasing timing. FWIW, I run my sohc at 18 degrees on 8 psi through redline so that I can rag on it before I use det cans and virtual dyno to refine the timing curve at WOT.

Just my .02 of course, and I don't know what you paid and what was agreed on as far as "level of tune", but if I paid for spark map optimization (and tuning for anything BUT 18 psi and WOT), I wouldn't be very impressed with that ignition table. (unless they can prove they tried some advance after 17 degrees at higher rpm and did not increase power or saw some knocking)

Have you confirmed your commanded timing matches what your actual crank timing is?
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Originally Posted by sdaigle240 View Post
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Old 11-03-2014, 02:01 AM
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Default Re: how can i post up my tune?

i think that compression ratio is way too low. even a gti-r is like 8.2:1. if i were to build a KA personally i would aim for like 8.5:1 or maybe higher. i have a 1j tho so i dont have much to say of the ka.
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Old 12-16-2014, 04:52 PM
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Default Re: how can i post up my tune?

That's crazy low compression dude. That thing must run like dog **** outside of boost. Stock compression is like 8.9:1 iirc. Just dropping to 7.8:1 lost you way more power then upping the boost 3psi gained you. Compression ratio is basically like free power. The higher the compression ratio, the more energy the engine can extract from the combustion of the air fuel charge. Lower is better to reduce heating the charge to the point of detonation, but it does get to a point were you're loosing alot of efficiency in turn for less risk of detonation.

Now, that timing does seem very basic. I agree with BigLouKat.

Also, 18psi on pump gas being the limit? Find a new tuner. Go see jay perry at the subaru shop. He knows more then just subarus, he's just known for building them because his street car sti broke into the 9s last year.

Hell, the old tuner (I can't remember his name) at dent sport garage a few years back threw 18psi through a 3076r at my buddies 11:1 compression f20b prelude. He had meth, but the tuner didn't even add meth before we started having spark issues due to a hack job swap wiring.
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