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Old 08-15-2008, 08:58 AM
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Default Business & Sponsor review section, what kind of posts can I make? READ FIRST* UPDATED

So what makes a review a review here? What kind of posts are allowed and expected?

*Update*12/21/10: With the latest integration of iTrader on the forum this section has become redundant and of little value for member reviews. It's confusing to review in 2 places.
This is now for BUSINESS and SPONSOR reviews ONLY!
Any individual reviews are to be entered in iTrader. Treat it like eBay feedback and work out resolutions via pm etc before leaving negatives.

Posts in the member review section are for reviewing a transactional experience with a business (parts, services, etc). If you are going to post or reply please have relevant content. Think of this like submitting an article for the newspaper.


*Think* about your posts and proofread when your done. Posts made here can not be edited so do it right the first time and be thorough. If you feel justified in changing one of your posts here PM a moderator with what you want to change/add and give us your justification. We don't want stories here that change.

Only 1 thread is allowed per business. If there is a review that's already in place here reply to the thread - do not start a new one please.

By nature, reviews are going to contain good experiences and bad experiences. You are allowed to post both good and bad just please stick to the facts. If someone posts a good or bad experience about you - you are allowed to contribute your side of the story but please keep it clean and professional.

This is not to settle disputes, start fights, insult, or "call someone out". If you have a problem settle it via PM. This is not for chat.
If your review or reply includes name calling, personal attacks, or other flame its gone.

This section is a great opportunity to share experiences with shops in the local area. We encourage everyone to post reviews to get some content up here.

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I usially dont write involved response on my phone, that was during a poop break and the words just flowed out.

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