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Default Re: Something Blue

Originally Posted by dudermagee View Post
congrats and welcome to the under 100k club
I was already a member... my black chassis as it sits has 69K

Originally Posted by Cunningham View Post
Nice score man.

Are you going to ditch the Daft parts this time around? It would be nice to use an uncut crossmember.

My Fueled kit is good quality and fit btw.
I tossed around the idea but I'll probably just stick with the setup I've got, less headaches because who knows if I swap to a different kit if I'll have problems with the exhaust or Driveshaft or whatever else... I am DEFINITELY going to add a cam while the engine is out though.

Originally Posted by NismoPlsr View Post
Love the color and good find in NH.

Did you pay "like a classic car museum" price for it?
not at all... I paid a little under book value, certainly more than most people pay for a 240 but I consider it a great deal given the condition.
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