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Default Project Southern Bell

Whats up everyone Im chris and this is my 1990 ivory white hatch. I had two other hatchbacks prior to this and wanted another one. Did about 3 months of searching and came across this on a 240 facebook page. Everything around the new England area was too rusted and drift tax was through the roof. I also was looking for a crank window non sunroof car. So I started looking down south. I must have contact 50 different people up and down the east coast until I came across this. The car wasn't even a for sale post. It was more so a venting post about how the owner couldn't figure out why it wasn't running right. The photo was of the car in the snow, the owner had pretty much given up on it. I sent him a message, asking if it had any rust, and what was wrong with the car. We went back and forth for a few days, came to an agreement, I hopped in my truck and headed to Georgia. 2250 miles later I came home with this.

11828724_10155898859290585_9107888419621575301_n by Chris McQuaid, on Flickr
11846732_10155903046995585_372549776003618323_n by Chris McQuaid, on Flickr
11813442_10155907428335585_7222546333935042927_n by Chris McQuaid, on Flickr

Basically after I got it home the car was running like a Subaru and smoking. The previous owner had hacked a TON of stuff, left almost every bolt loose on anything he touched. He had swapped in KA24DE, with a new head. After a few days of messing with it I discovered it had leaky injectors and that was the source of his problem the entire time. The previous owner had put in a decent amount of money into the car.

Parts it came with

Sparco fighter seat
Takata 4 point harnesses
New Emusa coilovers ( I hate them)
Avenue performance toe and camber arms
4 new tires
Tension rods
Stainless steel brake lines
walbro 255lph
K&N intake pipe
3 inch exhaust and test pipe
cx racing radiator
11899883_10155940689960585_8022830762746259532_n by Chris McQuaid, on Flickr

Ive put about 6,000 miles on it since august. Been working out the bugs, definitely going to need a new engine harness, this one is very hacked. Actually the radiator went out on me today, waiting on a new one to arrive.

I haven't quite decided what Im going to do with the car yet. I am going to keep the KA for now and just get it mechanically sound. I would like to go all out with it eventually, but currently there is too many options.
11214057_10156197633755585_1017745013334421825_n by Chris McQuaid, on Flickr
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