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Default Re: motor star, merrimack nh

Sorry you had a issue when you called in. No excuse for that at all. I am pretty sure I know who you talked to when you called in. He is somewhat over protective of the wholesale accounts....Plus he is afraid of wheels. Just ask for Myself (Bill), Darryl or JR when you call in next time or just PM me anytime. I check it all the time and will get right back to you.

I am also aware of the Facebook post. It really was a simple matter that got blown out of proportion. He has called in and asked if he put a order in on our Ebay store if he could just pick it up here. We told him that wouldn't be a problem thinking he was just going to pay with cash or a credit card when he got here. He called back not long after and asked that if he paid with Paypal on ebay how we would take the shipping charge off. We told him we wouldn't be able to take paypal if he was picking up here because Paypal will not protect the seller against Fraud if their is no proof of a shipping delivery. We told him we could take cash a credit card pretty much anything else but we couldn't take Paypal with a local pickup. He then told us we were going back on our word and we didn't know what we were talking about.

We just got burned for about two grand and about a days worth of man hours by a guy in California. He had us have Custom Spring Rate BC coilovers made for his Matrix. We rushed the order for him because he was in a big hurry to get them on his car. The day he gets them he called his credit card company and tells them he doesn't know what the charge is for and disputes it. We send the credit card company everything from delivery slips to post he put up on the Matrix forum talking about the coilovers all the way to a picture of the matrix parked in front of the address we shipped (Google Earth is awesome). I am talking a full file of evidence showing he got them it was him and his own card that ordered them and the credit card company still sided with him. So ya we are pretty picky with how we get payments now simply because we did everything we were suppose to do as a seller and still got burned.

Again I apologize for the phone call incident you had. We are talking about it in the office as I type this. If any of you guys ever have a issue like that again please let me know as soon as you can so I can fix it. And with the Facebook comment I am sorry we upset them we really try to make everyone happy. But at the same time I hope everyone understands that we also have to protect ourselves to.
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