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Default Re: 1991 240sx Brake caliper bracket size

Originally Posted by tk240 View Post
found out it is for ABS. can't find non ABS bracket... even with new assembly
wanted to pop in and say that this "solution" thread-update is a step that is too commonly missed. have been guilty of it myself.
now when I come back and search this, i'll know what ends you came to, vs. most OP, when a problem is solved, the thread is allowed to die.

so, attaboy.

concerning the part, call customer service with whoever you purchased the part from. grinding stuff down kind of kills the opportunity to make any returns, but they should be able to provide the proper part. I've seen more non-abs S13s in my time than w/ abs, so parts companies should be attentive to this. it's a logistical issue that they need to correct.

if you are having trouble getting cooperation from whoever you get parts through, go with rockauto. my experience with their customer service has been positive and informative, and they are also ridiculously cheap and fast.

worst case, just have to find somebody with brakes. just offering up my experience.
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