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Default Re: Wild Steves KA-T Coupe Build

Took the first ride last night.
Went to the gas station, got some gas, checked under the hood and came home.

Noticed some weird noises, so I investigated them tonight. My driver side dust shield was rubbing on the rotor. Not sure how/why it moved, but it did. I bent it out of the way.

My power steering felt like garbage. Did some more bleeding, which made things much smoother, but there was still a terrible grinding noise. After some investigation the solid steering bushing was rubbing on the firewall. I refused to take my whole turbo side off, so I jammed a few screw drivers in there, hammered em in, wiggled em around, and nothing rubs anymore. I'll take it for another drive tomorrow night, and if everything feels good, i'll go get an alignment saturday morning.

New turbo sounds pretty cool, but definitely need some tuning. I assumed a similarly sized turbo my AFR's would be DECENT, but I was wrong. It'll be fine for cruising, for now. Hopefully next weekend I can talk travis into tuning.

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