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Default Re: RHD V-mount 1JZ Coupe (a sequel to the prequel)

The engine is running.... roughly. Not sure what the issue is yet but i am pretty sure its sensor related. It wont hold an idle, and revs super sluggish and rough/boggy. I tried a different maf today with no success,so im like 90% sure its TPS related, and i think i missed a ground on the back of the intake manifold that ill have to wait til tomorrow afternoon to check, but im pretty excited...

Got almost the entire front end assembled...

Wheel clearance pics at ride height, compressed with a floor jack. Pretty excited that i can fit my entire fist between the back of the tire and inner tub at full lock!

Its getting to the point where i can call this swap done. still have to brace the pedal brackets, paint under the dash, hook up braided lines to pedals, bleed it all, and figure out this engine issue.
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