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Default Re: RHD V-mount 1JZ Coupe (a sequel to the prequel)

Originally Posted by Poopdeck View Post
Omg this looks amazing v mount ftw
Thank you, It's awesome to see a vision come alive... I never thought things would have fell into place soo well, as space is limited.


Zeta is pretty cool. . . She jumps up through the door and goes into the trunk to sleep.

The gas tank did not look to comfortable, but this did the trick, she was passed out all afternoon pretty much. The wood stove is like 4ft away so i think thats what put her out.


Dave had the day off from work, and i wasnt planning on getting much done since i work 3rd shift and only had from 2-5pm to be in the garage, and watch a 3yr old at the same time.... but this happened...

Cleaned up the light surface rust from it being outside before, self etched the bare metal, seam sealed, and stone guarded the inner wheel well. I think it came out pretty nice, and will offer some protection, while saving paint for more important areas...

Started bolting things up, but im lacking some hardware because i suck at labeling bolts. So that'll be for another day.

Hoping to have it moving under its own power very soon!

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