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Default All New Member reviews are to be handled through iTrader

We've had the iTrader feedback system here on one for a while now, recently we've upgraded to a newer version of the feedback system that is more reliable and provides easier access to this information.

We will leave the Review Forum open, but...
From this point forward the Review Forum will be for Business Reviews ONLY

Topics in the Review forum created for other Members will be deleted; use iTrader instead.

What is Itrader?
If you're unfamilar with iTrader, it's a feedback system similar to what is used on eBay. It allows our members to leave positive, negative, or neutral feedback for other members that they have bought, sold or traded with.

How to View Feedback
A members feedback score is displayed below their post count at the top right of every post they make in the forum. To see detailed feedback you may click their feedback score and it will take you to their Feedback page. This information is also available from the "Feedback Score" tab on their user profile page.

If you're interested in seeing Feedback stats on the club as a whole you may visit this page:

How to Leave Feedback
To Leave Feedback for another Member simply click the feedback rating number on any one of their posts then click the "Submit Feedback For [member name]" link on the detailed Stats Page. (the detailed stats page can also be reached through the user profile).

If the other party has already left you feedback you may quickly and easily return feedback by viewing your own feedback page and clicking the "submit return feedback" button on the feedback that was left for you.

If you are the first party to leave feedback You will be asked what your role was in the transaction and whether you felt it was a positive or negative experience.

You will be required to leave a short summary where you should leave details about the other parties conduct during the transaction. You will also have an extended summary where you should post details about the item that was bought/sold/traded or any other information you feel is pertinent (only you, the other party, and the 240sxONE staff will be able to view your extended summary)

You will also be required to provide a link to the thread where the transaction was initiated. There are some simple rules that must be followed for the link to be considered valid:
  1. The Link must belong to a thread in the marketplace forum.
  2. Either you or the other party must have created the thread.
  3. Either you or the other party must have posted in the thread within the last 30 days.
If the above criteria are not met then the provided link will not be accepted.

How to Report Feedback
Feedback is subject to the same moderation rules as the rest of the forum. If you have left someone feedback by mistake, if you feel someone has been abusing the feedback system, or if you feel that someone has left feedback in violation of the forum rules you may click the "Report" button on that feedback and the 240sxONE staff will be notified.
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