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Default Worn tailshaft bushing causing 60 mph vibration?

Hey, has anyone on here had issues with a worn tailshaft bushing with a one piece driveshaft?

I've been driving the car for a while now and everything's great except for significant vibration around 60-70 mph, smooth as silk up to that speed. I put the car on my lift, took off the axles, and ran it through the gears and seems it is definitely driveshaft related. It doesnt vibrate in neutral, but vibrates in gears 3-6 once I hit 63 ish.

So far I have:

- checked my pinion angles and they are good (trans is 2.1 ish, diff is 2.0, basically parallel).

- Driveshaft has new U-Joints installed at a driveshaft shop and has been balanced properly (watched the guy do it)

- Run-out is acceptable (both myself and driveshaft guy checked it)

The issue I'm seeing is this 100k T56 I bought for a good price has up and down play where the driveshaft goes into the tailshaft housing. The trans dust wiper/seal is also leaking a fair amount.

Sooo in conclusion I'm pretty sure I need to replace that bushing. I have a Rockland "No Walk" T56 bushing in the mail and access to a press, but I have read some horror stories about replacing these. I guess the tailshaft housing is machined after the factory bushing is installed and the bushing is not intended to be replaced, which makes me wonder if the play is actually ok and its something else that's driving me nuts.

I figure these symptoms would apply to all transmissions with a worn bushing and a one piece driveshaft, anyone else experience this issue with their 240?

- EJ
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