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Default Re: s30 Daily Driver build

Today registration for the Mt Washington Hillclimb race opened (Climb to the Clouds 2017). This has been my life goal for the past three years, since I purchased this car.

For those who aren't already familiar with it, Mt Washington is the closest hillclimb to my home (around two hours away). It's also twice as long as the longest hill we typically run (over 7 miles). It happens roughly once every three years, and is a pretty big deal overall.

The last time it ran I crewed for a friend and one of my racing mentors, Jamie Melhuish. It was quite an experience. In addition to learning twice as much course, we only get four practice runs. Each of those runs is only half of the course, so the first time we stitch the whole hill together, it's the first timed run. There are two timed runs. This is where a rally-style codriver reading pace notes becomes a massive benefit, but I'll be doing it solo. That means watching a lot of footage from past events, and spending a few days driving up at street-legal speeds to ensure that I actually know the course.

Right now, my registration is in, but that doesn't necessarily mean I've been invited to race. I would need to be selected from the list of applicants to be invited to race. In any event, the only way I can be ready for the event if I'm accepted is to continue as planned and assume I'll make it to the start line.

To say I'm excited is a gross understatement, like saying that an atom is "rather small."

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