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Originally Posted by chubbs View Post
Yeah I met Sean a handful of times but the first time I met him was in like 11 or 12 when plastidip first came out and they dipped his car...before the digi-camo and all that jazz.
He's a pretty great stand-up dude. He's pretty quick up the hills, too!

Originally Posted by ghost_22_47 View Post
Coming along nicely, keep up the great work. And if anyone is confused why you're putting a rotary in the Datsun all they need to know is that's your car/project not theirs lol
That argument never really meant anything to me. I've never liked cars just to like cars, and have always believed people should have some kind of critical thinking going into modifications to their vehicles. I don't like nonsense builds.


Because it's Saturday, I have an update on the build! I think I've solidified most of the fender profile at this point. I'd say it looks pretty good, and is ready for some final touches and blending to the bumper.

I don't really have a way to express how much math and thinking went into the cage so far, but here are the key points:

1. It's friction-fit.
I didn't even need to tack it into place, it's so tight against the body.

2. It's symmetrical.
... and level within 5mm from any point to any other point

3. There are no visibility problems.
The diagonal X is 16" lower than the roofline, so it won't interfere with my rear-view mirror.

4. It reclines 10 degrees.
Originally I was planning on 15 degrees, as that would fit the lines of the body and rear quarter windows nicely, but FIA regulations require no more than 10 degrees. I'd like to keep my options open as to what racing I do in this car, so I'm going with the most stringent sanctioning body I know of.

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