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Default 1998 240sx se

ok so some of you know me, most of you dont, after a year of investing in my businesses, i'm looking to start getting more involved with my 11 year project, basically in a nutshell, i was going to sell, or trade for an FD, but more influence by good people has led to, more driving which has made me want a meaner more aggressive look and and a passion for more power.

as the car sits it's basically frozen in 2008, aside from the new pioneer HD DVD that throws blutooth throughout the 4 new pioneer speakers, thats all thats been done in the last 2 years. this car has remained a quick cozy daily driver to and from skate spots & appointments for the majority of its life, but like everything in life things get old, so this year ill be spicing it up a bit so keep a look out!

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