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Default Re: Wild Steves KA-T Coupe Build

Just been poking around a bit, installing the bolt on stuff back into my bay and cleaning up some wiring, i'm sure we're all guilty of doing some ugly wiring that you can't see.

I tapped into the OEM wiring when I put my speedhut gauges in and it was a mess, but it worked. It was always a pain to get the cluster out because everything was hard wired in and I couldn't easily get to the plugs on the chassis harness to unplug the cluster sub harness. So, I pulled that out, gutted the wires I didn't need, added 2 plugs and made it a touch more tidy and easy to remove. The before/after:

Bruno approves.

I also wanted to clean up and gut my engine and trans harnesses. The engine harness was just a mess from adding in separate harnesses for the AEM IAT/MAP sensors and LS coils. I wanted it to be one nice and neat harness. Realistically it counts for nothing as the entire harness runs through the trans tunnel and you can't even see it when the engine is in place, but it was just a pain to work with. This will keep everything nice and neat. I'm probably going to get a 5 pin plug for the single wires by the connector for the power/ground to the coils, 2 wires for the wideband, and 1 for the fan trigger.

All thats left of the trans harness is starter, alternator, one plug for the speed sensor on the trans (because the plug for the reverse lights is wired into the chassis cause it never worked in the lower harness, and still didn't when I tested it today) and the plugs that go to the fuse box.

Scooped up these LI Customs radiator brackets, because now that my radiator will sit straight against the support they'll look nice.

Going to start tearing down the KA in the next week or so, three cheers for disappointment
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