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Default Re: Wild Steves KA-T Coupe Build

Welp, heres the big update.

As you can see, my lower radiator support was crooked. Really, ****ing crooked. I always did my best to hide it very well, and now im sure you'll all good back and look at how my radiator support was bent, the brackets were angled etc. It always bothered me, and it was time to fix it. Unfortunately don't have pictures, but what Travis and I did was basically drill the spot welds and pull it forward and straight again. There was some yanno, hammering and cutting but it was good enough. I carfaxed the car, and its been in 2 front end collisions, so, No surprise here.

I also cut the spot welds out of the sheet metal behind the headlights. Considering my harness doesn't clip there and I don't have pop ups, all I had there was a few grounds and the stuff for my retrofit on them. All that stuff was bent and mangled too, so it was a good time to replace it.

I spent the last week doing tons of sanding, cutting, welding and test fitting. Made some replacement panels, bolted in the new upper support and mocked everything up.

Finally, today was the day. Travis came back and laid some fresh statutory grape.. This time, as a base/clear with some flake. The first time it was just a single stage urethane.

While I was in there, I filled in the stupid triangles where the harness used to run, and always get my bay filthy. Pretty awkward to tack in by yourself. I didn't go overboard making them look pretty cause they're rather hidden anyways.

In the mean time, Travis had also made me a aluminum distributor delete cover for my KA to replace my xcessive one that (i'm not going to name names....but) someone dropped and cracked by accident.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with how this turned out.
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