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  1. Still got my headlight issues...
  2. Jdm Tach?
  3. Radio and TVs (re)install
  4. ECM pinout for OBD2 S14
  5. RFID Keys
  6. Wiring Harness Help!
  7. Digital Climate Controls! *pics added*
  8. S13 LED Gauge Cluster
  9. Help with Digital Cluster Wiring
  10. Carputer
  11. kouki headlamps
  12. s14 door switches
  13. turn signals not working?
  14. electrical problem???
  15. Alpine Alarm Install Help
  16. pimp my toolbox
  17. A-Pillar Tweeters
  18. S13 Headlight Issue
  19. Light Weight Reasonably Priced Battery bought locally
  20. Anyone ever done an S14 Digital Climate Control Swap?
  21. Build your own CAN Bus SD Card Data Acquisition System
  22. S14 How To: Build an Amp Bypass/Delete Harness
  23. wiper issues in s14
  24. Keyless Ignition System
  25. cheapoid $65 shipped ebay helligeit hid conversion kit
  26. rb20det pinout
  27. Electrical problem with Windows?
  28. Anyone have the 180sx power folding heated mirrors?
  29. rb26 tach
  30. Building a Consult Cable
  31. Stereo Advice
  32. speedo wiring
  33. s14 always on cruise control and bonus stealth ninja button
  34. HD Radio review and first impressions.
  35. ENG CONT fuse problems
  36. S14 Harness Conversion: S13 ECU in your S14
  37. Improved Reverse Lights
  38. EMance Consult Cable
  39. S14 Power window problem
  40. s13 headlights
  41. frying ecu's I need help lol.
  42. jdm climate controls wireing
  43. wiring probelems
  44. confused and need some info =\
  45. reverse guages wire ,, help asap
  46. I'm sick of headunits these days...but need one.
  47. HUD comes on, then turns off...
  48. Automated Power Folding Mirrors
  49. kouki headlight bulb size
  50. Any idea what this wire is?
  51. Door Handle Illumination
  52. E-Brake light will not go off...
  53. Need help on Ka24DE ECU VIN OR CODE..
  54. battery cable amperage?
  55. Need help with Alt.
  56. fogs on by them selfs
  57. electrical problem need major help...
  58. I go at the speed of 0 mph
  59. help please
  60. S13 coooooolant temp??
  61. S13 no running lights, help!
  62. safc neo wireing info
  63. headlights and interior lights fluctuating
  64. Remote start with turbo timer?
  65. S13 who knows this one? wiring!!
  66. S14 SR Wiring and cooling question.
  67. redtop swap cranks but wont start
  68. S14 calling all s14 zenki owners
  69. s14 firewall help
  70. Anyone local to 06413? Need wiring help!
  71. Alright wtf is the secret!!!
  72. S13 brake lights
  73. S14 Need wiring help, please
  74. Help with 12 V power suply
  75. St. Signal Fuse
  76. under body neons removal
  77. S14 SE fogs on base S14
  78. S13 e brake and battery light..?
  79. RB Gauge cluster wiring
  80. S14 Wiring Works Bell
  81. S14 sr...need help please
  82. Go Pro Video Camera?
  83. 100W LED brighter than HIDs
  84. i give up....
  85. S13 Wiring diagram for old style Q45 ignitor
  86. Soldering Tool
  87. ca question
  88. retrofitting foglights?
  89. S13 No gauge lights/tail lights
  90. Relay advice
  91. S13 Keyless Entry/Power Door Locks...anyone?
  92. S13 Its electrical I think?
  93. S14 Successfully bypassed the stock amps but...
  94. Altima Fan Help
  95. S14 CT OBDII emissions vs. SR20
  96. S13 RB20 wiring help
  97. need sr wiring in CT
  98. All Pinouts
  99. Online service manuals?!
  100. S13 no tail lights, instrument cluster, and power to radio.
  101. S13 relocating my cruise control, help!
  102. what is this plug?!
  103. Post swap Wiring Problems
  104. S13 SR swap reverse light
  105. S13 Electrical guru's please help!!!
  106. aem widband and avcr install help
  107. S13 Blacktop CEL/Cluster
  108. S14 Powering accessories with no engine harness
  109. S13 audio masters i need help!
  110. S13 6.5" 3-Way Speaker Recommendation
  111. Speedo Goes up When Reved
  112. Reverse Lights Dont Work
  113. Rear Oxygen Sensor (O2) fix...
  114. S13 Starting Problems
  115. S13 Push button start
  116. S14 Battery Relocation
  117. S14 Zenki Projector Headlights.
  118. S13 sr20det no spark
  119. S13 I need help
  120. Gauges!
  121. headlight bulbs on an s13
  122. another lighting thread but its neat
  123. S13 Digi Climate Control
  124. Does any one use Bluetooth through their cdplayer/dvd player/din player/etc???
  125. LED Lighting
  126. Headlights on S13 won't go back down
  127. S13 finally installed a ka speed sensor, got some interesting results.
  128. S13 Dash harness problem
  129. AEM EMS thoughts?
  130. S14 silvia projector restrictor removal... whew!
  131. S14 Keyless Entry
  132. Power window harness
  133. wtf is wrong with my s14?
  134. S14 Horn Wire?
  135. S14 Alarm
  136. S13 Digital Cluster No Illumination
  137. S14 SR20 PFC and ECCS problem
  138. S13 Cheap Replacement Convertible Window Switches
  139. FML!! Headlight Wiring/Relay Trouble
  140. S14 Harness Identification and key pinouts
  141. S14 Neutral Position Sensor
  142. need help with s13 wiring the cluster with rb20!!!!!!!!!!
  143. avcr clicking help
  144. SAFC 5 button install
  145. S14 Tach ?potentiometer?
  146. S14 dome light pin not working
  147. S13 manual door to power doors
  148. S13 Wipers wont work, any ideas?
  149. Hid Problem
  150. HKS speed limit defencer
  151. S13 Mini Guide to swapping in a Digital/HUD cluster
  152. S13 Silvia Blinker/Side Marker Wiring
  153. S13 relay and fuse box relocation
  154. S13 how to instal power mirrors??
  155. S13 wiring a tachometer
  156. S13 So I want to get this paint off my lights!!!
  157. S14 Lighting Issue
  158. S14 Battery suggestion?
  159. battery alternator connections or fuses?
  160. How To Check A Chassis Harness?
  161. RB25det alternator wiring
  162. S13 ecu wiring question
  163. S13 Headlight wiring problem?
  164. S13 iPod integration to S13?
  165. S13 eccs help
  166. S14 need Radio wiring diagram guide (best)
  167. S13 Interest in Megasquirt?
  168. complete dash is GONE!! I need a shop
  169. Electric heater cores
  170. S13 Interior light & Sleepy Eyes
  171. Static Noise coming from fuse box> Bad Alt?
  172. S13 Turn signals go right before inspection! :D
  173. 110 VAC help
  174. S13 who knows how to do wiring?
  175. S14 Sensor Assy-Magnet??
  176. Useless thread about CA18DET using KA24 alt
  177. S13 EGI Relay
  178. S13 temp guage and speedo dont work
  179. Other Wiring rb25 harness with fd3s harness
  180. S14 rpm wire help.
  181. S14 need ecu help please
  182. S14 Starting issues
  183. Why my truck was so cheap: Gauges don't work... Looking for direction!
  184. egi f-up from previous owner of my 240
  185. Jeep Help
  186. Car Alarms for the 240SX
  187. S13 SR issue
  188. Signals going HAYWIRE
  189. S13 SOHC/DOHC cluster question
  190. S13 Need help on gauge cluster
  191. Other Someone who's good with head lights
  192. S14 FoB Help
  193. S13 starter goin crazy on me
  194. Other "electric fan upgrade"
  195. S13 Headlight issue
  196. S13 Alternator squeal-NOT the belt though
  197. SR20DET ECU Pinouts
  198. What are you running for aftermerket gauges in your 240sx?
  199. S14 EVAP CEL?
  200. S13 Rom tune help
  201. R32 cluster in S13
  202. Good Place to get Adhesive Shrink Tube and Solder-on Female Spades
  203. S13: Wiring Silvia Fog Lights
  204. S14 Guage cluster issues!!
  205. S13 Radio freaking out.. HELP!
  206. S14 Speaker interference
  207. 240SX Stereo Installation and Upgrading
  208. S13 Electronics gurus!!
  209. S14 repairing upper harness
  210. S14 1995 obdii
  211. S14 few q's about piggy backs??
  212. KA A/C parts
  213. S13 Silvia head lights
  214. S14 shaky tach needle
  215. S13 Dead Battery
  216. SR20 Fuse box issue...:(
  217. S13 HKS Turbo Timer Not letting key out
  218. Other Anyone know where I can get one of these?
  219. S13 Ignition coil gets hot and blows
  220. Other Looking for a Car Stereo
  221. S14 Battery and Brake Light on @+6k
  222. S13 bee r rev limiter install help
  223. S13 Front fender wire routing...
  224. S13 Intermittent wiper mode setting inop
  225. S14 Come on elcetrical issues keep f'in wit me
  226. S13 Apexi AFC NEO help please!
  227. S14 WHATS NEEDED (swap)
  228. S13 Headlamp motor messed up?
  229. S13 RB26 ecu in limp mode, anyone wanna help?!
  230. S13 Weak crank / no start
  231. S13 kade daught board issue
  232. S14 led gauge background cluster?
  233. S14 Usdm climate control lights?
  234. S13 RB26 MAF on the way out?
  235. S14 Nistune for OBDII KA24DE/(T)
  236. S14 Benefit of Going With Different MAF
  237. S13 Digital guage help?
  238. S13 charging issue
  239. S13 Anyone running LC-1 Wideband?
  240. S13 80/100W bulb in Brick headlights
  241. need some help with a electrical problem
  242. Fuel level gauge and sending units
  243. S13 ka wont start
  244. S13 after market radio install
  245. S14 e-mance ecu for ka-t
  246. S13 Everything but my headlights and radio won't light up.
  247. Z32 radio wiring harness issue
  248. S14 Help .... MSD 6AL PT# 6420 install
  249. S13 HUD with out HUD cluster?
  250. S13 ls1 into s13